Jonas Otto

About Me

Hey this is the place where I should tell you who I am and what I do and so on...
Great, you are reading this so you are really interested in me and my life. Therefore I guess i should start at the very beginning. I was born in 1989 on a chilly day in february close to the small city of Bremen in the northern part of Germany.

Just kidding - here is the essential stuff.

My name is Jonas. I am currently enrolled in the Digital Media program at the University of Arts in Bremen collecting experiences in a wide range of design disciplines. Although I think that my best works I have done so far are interactive objects based on a theoretical or fictional background I also made my experiences in film and postproduction, working as a print and screendesigner, producing electronic circuits and writing screen- or microcontroller based software to control them. I would like to say that I have got a passion for making and hacking things by myself especially the ones which do not exist yet in a way I imagine them. Furthermore I enjoy the experience of trying out new ways of creating. I was never afraid of learning something new.

Apart from the technical and digital world I feel the most comfortable riding one of my bikes which is even better in a nice companionship. Furthermore riding the bike is a perfect compensation of another favorite thing of mine which is cooking together with and for other people.

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German Design Award – Newcomer Nominee,


Selected Work :output 16,


University Award Digital Media 1st Place, University of the Arts Bremen,


VLOW! Award Senior,

with David Friedrich and Marcel Helmer,



As if

Imigration Office Bremen, Germany,


Rauchwolken und Luftschlösser

GAK Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst Bremen, Germany,


Best Of HfK exhibition

Wilhem-Wagenfeld-Haus Bremen, Germany,




:output 16 Yearbook


„Der Metalevel-Scanner“

in „Rauchwolken und Luftschlösser. Temporäre Räume“, Dennis Paul & Andrea Sick, published by Textem Verlag,


„extending spaces“

with Henrik Nieratschker in the NO.ONE Magazin #2 „Lösung“,